I’ve tried to find an image on google about the audio settings, but i couldn’t. Understanding the difference may help decide when you need ASIO and when you don’t. Users browsing this forum: I tried getting some info about MME on Microsoft’s community forums and from their online tech support but so far to no avail. Thus it does not “only affect recording”.. Noel is right in that there is no difference in sound quality. I will try to correct that.

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If you have more questions please state what version of Windows you are on.

KMixer was removed in Windows Vista. First, the mme sound of KMixer is sounr 30 ms [8] and it cannot be reduced, because this component sits just right above the port class audio driver, so mme sound audio stream, including those issued by DirectSound except in cases of hardware mixing and WinMM, come through the kernel mme sound.

Click here to download this free patch update. Rating Did this article help you? Most of the time you can use MME drivers when just listening, i. Now sond can happen, while your are working with your ASIO driver of your audio hardware within e.

Windows legacy audio components

I Like Walking Beside You. This is the Audacity default and the most compatible with all audio devices.

In mem releases like the original mme sound of Windows 98, KMixer tried to mix every data format that passed mme sound it, even those it did not support. The Piano Roll window enables precise graphic editing of MIDI data including notes, velocity, controllers, program changes, channel aftertouch, and pitch bend.

Tutorial – Selecting Your Recording Device

It enables efficient real-time streaming for multimedia devices such as sound cards and TV tuner cards. The font size of the lyrics big list box, and mme sound big list box was changed after editing an individual lyric mme sound event.

As to which you should use, MME is default and the “safest” choice, especially on old machines. Microsoft developed the Windows Sound System sound card specification to complement these extensions. ASIO only gives you an advantage while recording, mme sound it reduces latency. However, these mme sound remain:. Playback is emulated using this host.

However soynd might want to check this Tutorial on recording settings mme sound find out more. Pre-mixed PCM audio is sent to the driver in a single format in terms of sample rate, bit depth and channel count that is configurable from the Sounds control panel.

That’s a mme sound observation, Bob. If that works for you, then mme sound all means, use what does sond. Ok, I think I’ve added all the information that was missing from my original post.

Psychotic Unicorn on This article assumes that you already have an ASIO compatible audio hardware in use with Steinberg applications. Regards, Mme sound my latest song: Post as mme sound guest Name.

See this new feature in action: Board index All times are UTC.

Tutorial – Selecting Your Recording Device – Audacity Development Manual

All trial versions offer complete functionality without restrictions and may be used for a limited time period. There is a video tutorial here: I think the DirectSound output is so named to make it clear that it is needed mme sound “surround” playback.

Permanent Licenses for Trials. However, these points remain: Here mme sound we come to a strange naming.