For a computer idiot this question should be answered in youe advice, dont you think, because its the first thing that someone wants to do after their internet provider has fobbed them off with a non-wireless set-up!!!! Karel October 27, , 1: Hope this helps — Ross. Herberth December 27, , 4: First this is a simple good design for this modem but the quality of completly crap. I currently have this modem and I can tell you all mostly what you need to know.

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Webstar Cable Modem Dcp2100 Series Scientific Atlanta

Maybe I need to flash it, is this possible at all? Westerling November 19,4: I have a modem from Cox, and my computer is getting internet off the USB cable but not from the Ethernet adapter.

I can PING that address webstar modem Which leads to me these two questions: I have this modem and wegstar is a piece of shit… I have it setup with a belkin wireless router and I webstar modem to unplug everything from it inclusing the coax mdoem ethernet cables 10 times a day and wait for 2 minutes to get it working again when it drops the connection.

I have Cox mocem internet. Bardhyl July 14,6: Webstar modem Atlanta DPC not functioning well when connected two pc, one to ethernet port and other connected t usb port.

Cisco no longer offers customer support for these models, but if you were issued one by webstar modem internet service provider, call that company for support. Michele August 10,4: Make sure the Ethernet and USB cables are plugged in to the corresponding modsm on your computer.

webstar modem

Cisco Webstar Scientific Atlanta Dpcr2 Cable Modem | eBay

Some of them will lock a modem webstar modem only work with a specific MAC address, and since your modem was or may have been? I know that service through this modem is webztar as Webstar modem use one myself.

Ross McKillop April 3, There seems to be webstar modem resynchronization problem whenever the modem experiences a little disturbance. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Charlie June 11,2: Rhys July webstar modem,1: Any ideas how to access the admin web-page of this cable modem?

Hey guys im having trouble trying to hook up my xbox live, this modem only has 1 Ehernet portal does the xbox ehernet cabel and the ehernet cabel for the computer have to be plugged it to.

What could possible be the problem? Webstar modem there I recently got this modem from my cable isp and it got setup without a hitch. Jimmy May 18,2: This will bring you to a command prompt screen. Cisco no longer offers customer service webstar modem these modems, relying instead on internet service providers who still lease these devices to their customers. Fabricio June 29,3: Is there a connection issue?

It causes me to lose internet connection… Any ideas? Hey why does my send and recieve lights webstar modem on dropping?

My WebSTAR Cable Modem Is Locking Up |

I really would appreciate it if someone could help me figure out why my connection is so slow. Which webstar modem to me these two questions:.

The Ethernet cord works on my friends computer but not mine. Webstar modem Contact Privacy Policy. He cambiado la direccion ip y me figuran las 2 conectadas, pero 1 no se conecta moodem realidad.

The back of your DPC and EPC modem has four separate input and output ports, which are used to connect it to its power source and to your computer: I agree but webstar modem the router and the modem …try to set it up yourself.