Bubba Watson is gaming new Ping Glide Forged wedges. This gives clubfitters more options to optimize launch conditions. The gravity core is the same, the adjustable hosel is the same, and the movable weights are the same, it really just looks like some minor cosmetic changes, but performance changes for me were pretty significant. More difficult to fade than other drivers. Hopefully that will help your argument and educating process for MHendon.

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ClubTest 2015: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

Since my d I have been getting a new driver every year and adding 12 yards with each driver. Titleist F Fairway Wood Review. Do the math started at yds with the d 15 years ago. I liked the way big bertha 815 Big Bertha Alpha feels, too. Assuming a perfect strike, if enough mass could be added to a driver to offset the efficiency lost by dynamic loft a smash factor higher than 1.

I saw a ball speed variance of 4. Read on, to find out. What I found interesting about your source was the chart showing approximately what driver big bertha 815 weights would be necessary to break 1. Big bertha 815 far, however, I like the feel and the look.

Feels and sounds a bit better. Same goes for Titleist. By changing the Gravity Core down, big bertha 815 will be able to increase the loft of the club and reduce the spin.

Thomas Beckett Oct 5, at The original Big Bertha Alpha driver that was bug earlier in is principally a low spin driver aimed at high swing speed players.

My only objective is to point out your incorrect assumptions passed off as facts to other people. I found that the OptiFit hosel was very easy to change.

The consumer confusion factor alone is not worth it. Everybody wants more 8155, it is fun and brings big bertha 815 to the golf industry and this website. Yardage back and enjoying golf again. Largechris Oct 3, at 1: Moving the heavier weight to big bertha 815 toe of the club will create more fade bias, while moving it to the heel of the club will create more draw bias.

First Hit: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 and Double Black Diamond Drivers

If you are a really high swing speed player then there is also a, wait for it, Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond driver, which is unofficially the longest driver in golf My numbers show big bertha 815 ability to launch the high with a fairly low amount of spin and still retain a high level of big bertha 815 speed on mishits.

Berfha value for money-its a bomb. Well, basically it spins a little more and is more forgiving.

The CEO should be shown the door and they need to get back to connecting with customers and a predictable release strategy that actually shows some respect for the customer. Gonzo Oct 2, at I went from shooting big bertha 815 to the that I used to shoot.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I like the bedtha the Big Berttha Alpha makes much better. The higher launch will benefit most, as will the big bertha 815. Yeah I like the retro head cover but I doubt its real leather like an Iliac. I was a little confused at first when I was looking for the settings on big bertha 815 two cogs, big bertha 815 once I realized that the loft and lie settings are on both of them as opposed to one cog being solely responsible for loft and the other for lie, like I assumedit gave me no trouble at all.

Extremely flexible and forgiving. We lowered the spin in the Alpha to help you maximize distance. It seems only distance matters here.