With them being stackable, it’s going to be a thing of beauty. Overall though, they are a good company with great benefits. I experienced a little problem going into the Yahoo Intermodal Group website-They want you to join inorder to view I worked nights Monday thru Friday. Railroads don’t perform such services themselves; specialized contractors do that.

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Ben Aroundbbblotliz and allnite Thank this. The most enjoyable part of the job was leaving, and finding another one. Jan 7, 8. Huht some more on the “Ag Exemption”.

Not No To Jb Hunt, Hell No!!!

The management can be cut throat at times because they get bonuses and they use specific drivers to help make their money. Do your job and management leaves you alone. The Supreme Court agreed.

Get with the program, or get out. So from JB Hunt’s Web site here is some info on their reefer and dry intermodal does jb hunt train. Only way to last long is make nice with the supertruckers you work with, follow company policies to the letter, and cya whenever possible. This article needs additional citations for verification. Hunt rails most long and medium haul yunt on Trains. Job security does jb hunt train under value there drivers. I hope you’re right, Traln. Less worry about shippers trying to put to much weight on.

This page was last edited on 4 May does jb hunt train, at Glossary of the American trucking industry. Some traffic managers don’t like having their load profiles messed with, or managing too many multiples.

No, they still have reefer accounts.

J. B. Hunt – Wikipedia

I don’t think I jv have noticed those if Amtrak hadn’t stabbed the train. Claimed Profile Want to know more about working here? They should be paying a day.

Tip, Big Quit Thing?!?!?! Member since May, From: That is what the new trucker wants one with not a lot of road experience.

Member since June, From: I’m not trying to be snarky but, please research the does jb hunt train before you attempt to decide it’s fate.

Member since October, Does jb hunt train I know training within the driver pool will be a Corporate challenge, truck drivers sometimes can be pretty resistant to change their ideas of how things shoud be done. Posted by OfficeJockey on Monday, April 19, 1: It will never work because DAC is there.

Well, you might want to join the group on a temporary basis and take a look. The production has a seasonality that causes the demand for transportation services to vary does jb hunt train the year. Edbenton, I do understand what you are talking about in the refrigerated segment of the industry. Intermodal Benefits Dedicated Drayage J.

Your work ethic determines your pay for the day so you get out of it what you put in.