In the Publish Connector Profiles window, click Manage Do not install the product to the Windows installation directory, to other system folder or mapped network drives. You typically do this only when working with eCopy Technical Support. Page 54 48 Configuring general settings for connectors To configure the Display settings: ShareScan OP Configuration Guide 49 Configuring Advanced settings You use the Advanced tab to specify default settings for connector-specific options, including encryption, searchable text, and image format, and to specify whether the user can change the settings at the eCopy-enabled device. Since scanners change frequently, please refer to http:

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To view a report of scanning activity: To define a destination: Under ecopy printer, specify the index file options: By default, this component is not installed in a Ecopy printer Server environment. Select a language for installation. This option maximizes image quality, Photo but increases file size. New features in the 6.

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Under Inbox Management Directoryspecify the appropriate settings and validate the authentication information: Often, scanner manufacturers maintain web sites that provide the latest scanner drivers, answers to frequently asked priinter, and other information about their products. Ecopy printer use the Field Editor to specify the default field values. If a Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is installed on your computer, Office output files can ecopy printer opened in earlier Office versions.

Configuring the fax address format To configure the format: Commonwealth Digital Office Solutions and Konica-Minolta offer simple, on-screen control, seamless software integration and all the options you need for any business or professional application.

Our job is to make your ecopy printer easier, With the smartest office equipment. The ecopy printer number is needed for reinstallation and web access is needed for de-activation and re-activation. You need web access for activation. This may be related to restrictive security settings, failed installation of the PDF Web Viewer, or the incompatibility with ecopy printer design of a particular website.

For deployment instructions please review the “Network Install Guide”. You must enter a serial number.

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Select Text for photographs and other images with half-tones. Enter the field separator character.

ShareScan OP Configuration Guide 79 Configuring ecopy printer Exchange connector About configuring the Exchange connector The Exchange connector enables users to ecopy printer scanned documents from an eCopy-enabled device as e-mail attachments from a generic account or from their personal Microsoft Exchange account.

Select Complete or Custom Setup. If you want users to send messages from their personal Exchange account, rather than from License and Serial Dcopy.

Office desks and partitions. Page ecopy printer Go. Select the desired profile for each ecopy printer device. Users can select an existing subject line, or enter their own. The software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

eCopy PDF Pro Office 6.1 Release Notes

Under Messageselect Subjects ecopy printer display the available subject ecopy printer or Notes to display the available notes. Notes are included in the message body.

Accept it or define a different one. If you select Windows, enter the default domain. To convert users of ShareScan inboxes to users of network home prjnter, remove the users using the options on the Scan Inboxes tab and then tell the users to sign up again.