Highlights Thanks to its unique features and highlights SilverFast has become world standard for scanner software. More in a couple of months Serious advantages of Nikon scanners relative to Minoltas are: Movies Our movies will introduce all SilverFast highlights and advantages to you, quick and easy to understand. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks.

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I’m getting more detail, fewer problems with scratches and dust, and with DEE and the other software tools pulling up more shadow detail and nikon coolscan iv cooolscan color. First, colors shifted when Nikon coolscan iv made the Photoshop changes on the original scan and boy was it cooldcan pain to try to hold the detail of the bushes that extend up into the lake; I must have spent an hour refining my selection.

I’ve been shooting some images, earlier in the week no problem with the card and transferring to the computer with the USB cable That means NO emails and NO phone calls regarding this.

Similar help and support threads. Try each of the software tools Nikon provides. The procedure described here is pretty straightforward but you must take your time. My initial impressions are still positive, though I think that the gap between nikon coolscan iv results I can generate from Silverfast versus Nikon Scan has dropped considerably.

Any nikon coolscan iv ways to use this scanner with W7? The firmware updater is an exe file that should work on all versions of Windows provided you have an active Nikon scanner installed.

Optimum scan results for brilliant images. The and are bit per color channel, the V is bit. Originally Posted by whitunc. No matter how hard you try some dust will get into your scanner. So, from starting Nikon Scan to looking at an image in Photoshop is usually less than a three minute process for me, though that’s because I know the controls so well and nikon coolscan iv spend much time tweaking settings trying to find nikon coolscan iv right combination.

Buy Scanner Software for Nikon – better Scan Results with SilverFast

If all fails, as well as for Mac users, I would recommend using VueScan. Remove Vuescan if installed.

It took me between 2 and 3 hours to complete the job, but I was taking pictures and didn’t have nikon coolscan iv tutorial like this. I use a combination of compressed air made especially for cleaning slides and an anti-static brush before scanning. Don’t be afraid to experiment with settings.

Nikon Super Coolscan ED Review (LS)

Therefore, we compare for you. Restores faded colors GEM: If it says no firmware updates available, there nikon coolscan iv none released.

I now run Neat Image noise reduction on every scanned image in addition to Digital ICE–the grainless, dustless, mostly scratchless results are impressive to say the least. If you have two otherwise identical choices, one with a higher dpi resolution and the other with a higher density, in most cases you should take the latter.

I found nikon coolscan iv on the web, in some cases modified them.

Take your time with this step too! They all take Ultra 50 pin.

Density levels on the Coolscan ED are claimed as 4. Nikon coolscan iv achieve the best possible results takes some work, though. Page 1 of Optimum scan results for brilliant images Professional Scanner Software for Nikon Scanners Film scanners of the Nikon CoolScan brand belong to the most popular and quality devices for scanning negatives and slides.

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The Nikon website was unclear as to whether it is compatible. When Nikon coolscan iv scanned the picture originally, the area below the lake path, bushes, me was deep in shadow and I had to use Photoshop controls to try to restore “brightness” in these nikon coolscan iv. If you have thethere’s a mod that needs to be done to the inf file. The blue cast is removed from the image!