This page was last edited on 6 April , at Developed jointly with Micron Corp. Reference unknown; see Bloomfield disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DG41CN desktop motherboard. GPGPU built around a simplified x86 core a mini-core. Successor to Ibex Peak. SATA , 8 internal ports, 3.

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Intel products Out-of-band management. Retrieved from ” https: Intel BNFX server motherboard. Pentium D series and the Pentium Extreme Edition Celeron M aimed at low-cost and embedded applications. Slot 2NX intel dq35mp. Intel MSGX workstation motherboard.

List of Intel codenames

A place in Ventura CountyCalifornia. Intel DH61WW intel dq35mp motherboard. Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, and also the successor to Prestonia in the Xeon line. Intel SCO two-socket motherboards, aimed at pedestal servers.

Intel’s large manufacturing and design intell in Oregon are located in the Tualatin Valley. PCH intel dq35mp two- and four-socket servers based on the Purley platform.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

Atom CPU intel dq35mp technology licensed from Nokia and aimed at smartphones. Successor to Santa Rosa. Reference unknown; Dunnington is a village in Yorkshire, UK, but this is not a likely reference.

Probably named after Breed’s Hillthe actual site where the Intel dq35mp of Bunker Hill took place during the American Revolution, located in the Charlestown section of Boston, Massachusetts. Supports the Dq35m; processor.

Reference unknown; see Springdale disambiguation for possibilities. Reference unknown; see Millington disambiguation for possibilities. Reference unknown, possibly a stream in California. Itanium xq35mp, the second-generation Itanium.

Reference unknown; see Rock Creek disambiguation for possibilities. Has four sockets, uses the GX intel dq35mp, and supports the Itanium processor.

Same as Clarkdalebut supports only 8GB of memory instead inteel 16GB and has dynamic frequency control of the graphics core. Intel DH77DF desktop motherboard. Somewehre in the US there is a city by intel dq35mp name. Based on the Ophir controller chip. Based on the Attla controller chip. Reference unknown; see Blackford disambiguation for intel dq35mp.

Supported Processors for Intel® Desktop Boards

Supports up to four Pentium Pro processors. ATX form factor, Slot 1.

Intel SGP series server motherboards. Based on the Anvik controller chip. Developed jointly by Intel and IBM. PenrynCalifornia, a town intel dq35mp about 2, and home to intel dq35mp granite quarry. The planet Saturn or the Roman god Saturn mythology. Used in the Barbie PC, among others. Seattlethe largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Atom Z series processors, intended for tablet computers. Reference unknown; see Rochester disambiguation for possibilities. Part of the Montevina platform. Intel DH77KC desktop motherboard. Willamette River or the Willamette Intel dq35mp region of Oregon, where a large number of Intel manufacturing facilities are located.

Itanium 2, the third-generation Itanium but still called Itanium 2. Tulsathe second-largest city in the U. Reference unknown; see Tanglewood disambiguation for possibilities.

Capulet is Juliet’s last name in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. GPGPU built around a simplified intel dq35mp core a intel dq35mp. AMT is designed to help sys-admins remotely manage and secure PCs out-of-band when PC power is off, the operating system OS is unavailable hung, crashed, corrupted, missingsoftware management agents are intel dq35mp, or hardware such as a hard disk drive or memory has failed. Intel WX58BP workstation motherboard.