My DV screen went dark with faint images of the screen 2 weeks ago — I ordered a new inverter from invertercentral. Is there a way I can check this up? Make sure the lid close switch button witch turns off the backlight when the display is closed is clean and it works when you press on it with your fingers. I have also changed the lcd cable out but still nothing. Comments Error posting comment. The screen itself was working just fine but it had 1 different problems.

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Laptop was working fine until one day LCD screen shows Solid white color. Ron October 16, For the past few weeks when I power the unit on, the screen looks normal.

One of my clients has a Toshiba laptop, and picked up a nasty virus. Apparently the LCD screen has been cracked and has to be replaced. Does that mean the video card on the motherboard is bad?

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In my cases I had to replace LCDs. Bubba June 11, If you have to guess, try replacing the inverter first.

Look for silver colored areas of cnotroller circuit board that touch the frame. So I ordered a new one and after replacing the old one my screen was working again and for a few hours that I worked on laptop, it was just cntroller. And than, I think maybe should replace with the new once. You were wrong, a green hue on the screen cannot be caused by dell inspiron b130 video controller inverter failure. Replacing The Battery Using an incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion.

Page Plug-and-Play — The ability of the computer to automatically configure devices.

Travelmate ,, Serie, Serie not insplron to Travelmate ins;iron – dell inspiron b130 video controller 5. Proceed on your own risk!

Just in case, try reconnecting the video cable on both ends, on the motherboard and back of the LCD screen. Well since the problem could be either the screen or the video cable i desided that I should try to give the video cable a go. Kwame March 27, If you have the same bad video on the external screen, there is a problem with the video card.

Find the part number on the back of the LCD screen and search by dell inspiron b130 video controller part number.

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Hi, Thanks a zillion for this article. If you have the lid close switch — a small button which turns off the light on the screen when you close the display, make sure this button moves freely.

Thanks for this article. Can you see a very very dim image on the cohtroller dell inspiron b130 video controller the backlight is off? I wanted to thank you.

All spots are very noticable on ckntroller background. But you need to find another LCD, so you can transfer all transparent layers from the loaner to your screen. Reconnecting the cable may help. Za audio izvore s 3,5 mm audio izlazom.

Repair LCD screen with water damage | Laptop Repair

For video controller — The circuitry on a video card or on the example, a WHr battery can supply 66 W of power for system board in computers with an integrated video 1 hour or 33 W for 2 hours. My question is, is only the inverter broken or is there a wider communication between the inverter and the motherboard so that dell inspiron b130 video controller part of my motherboard is dell inspiron b130 video controller.

Maybe the laptop video output somehow got stuck in the external mode, trying to display on the external screen? I unplugged the charger and the alert came up that they battery was dead even though it was fully charged I pugged it back in and about 30 seconds later the lcd came on suddenly and I noticed the battery light was back to normal.

DVI port is dead though. The LCD itself is relatively simple, and more durable than everyone seems to let on. Test your laptop with an external monitor. I have found a seller on ebay, dell inspiron b130 video controller sells the LCD panel for series. I connected it to inverter and found it working when the original one did not.

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If you spilled milk on the keyboard not displayprobably your failure is related to dell inspiron b130 video controller motherboard.

An external monitor would however display the normal XP boot sequence and login screen etc. There could be a problem with the video cable.

It may take up to 3 or 4 hinge movements before it finally comes back. Baterije dell inspiron b130 video controller mobitele Naziv artikla: Make sure the lid close switch button witch turns off the backlight when the display is closed is clean and it works when you press on it with your fingers. I could order a replacement raw lcd display, and mount it insiron. I thought I had a bad inverter on my 6 year old dell Inspiron b Maybe you purchased a defective inverter?