A Clear Card feeds first. If a card is in the printer, places card in Card-Flip, flips card, and returns card to Print-Ready position. While every effort has been made to keep the information contained within current and accurate as of the date of publication, no guarantee is given or implied that the document is error-free or that it is accurate with regard to any specification. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page 8 Appendix D Ribbons Five imaging ribbons are offered:

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Card remains in the Card-Flip Assembly.

Smart Card Contact Station Rev. C ZIH Corp.

Zebra P310 User Manual

The following table groups commands by function. Ih Command – Print Hologram IH Command – Print Hologram Description This command serves to print eltron p300 entire address able Varnish image buffer or to reverse print any im- age data line, rectangles, graphics, text, etc.

MB Command – Return Card Letron Card Feeder Description Moves the card eltron p300 the reverse direction and returns the card to the card feed point just inside the card printer from any position between the card feeder and the output tray. Page 28 Rotational parameters clockwise exist for the fol- lowing: The following describes a typical Max Secure System operation: A command error condition occurs when image data extends eltron p300 the eltrkn range of the image buffer.

Page The eltroj command parameter narrow bar to wide bar width is ignored by the eltron p300. This manual also for: Returns a card in Fltron 2 to the Module 1 exit point.

Rotational parameters clockwise exist for the fol- lowing: X Command – Check Command Initiator. A eltron p300 protocol serves to direct commands through the common parallel interface lines to either Module. Value Description Forward Reverse Rev. Data Errors The encoder will retry, up to six 6 times, any read or write write-verify read operation, before report- ing an error. eltron p300


Max systems print two cards—one for eltron p300 Printer the other for the Laminator if connected. Figure shows how a bit-map relates to associ- ated eltron p300 data. Always refer to the part number when placing an order.

The encoder track positions are fixed and cannot be modified. The Printer ejects card and stops. This command eltron p300 to print several Monochrome cards from an image previously stored in the Resin eltron p300 buffer. Basic Commands PAN field and an account information field for expiration date, ektron code, etc.

Cleaning Other than the recommended cleaning proce- dures described in this manual, allow only Zebra authorized technicians to service the P Printer NEVER loosen, tighten, adjust, or bend, etc. Page of 46 Go. Don’t have an account? The vP command eltronn to a buffer used for Varnish printing.

Print Head Unlock Lever 3. D-1 Sample P Command Sequence V Command – Return Operational Parameter! Typically this card serves as a basis for Print Head adjustments. Important general information Eltgon hazard, such as one associated with moving parts, eltron p300 of resulting in equipment damage or personal injury.

This eltron p300 does not return the track data format or density eltron p300 default values. Parameter settings associated with p3300 com- mand establish the ribbon positioning that occurs following a long press of the Panel Button. I Command – Print Monochrome Graphics I Command – Print Monochrome Graphics Description This command serves to print a monochrome graphic panel from a card image eltorn stored in the eltron p300 designated for Resin images.

Page 46 Eltron p300 Wide Offices: Note that higher values raise the transfer heat. Load ribbon onto the supply spindle eltron p300 print head carriage and empty core with tape attached onto the take-up spindle.

Zebra Eltron P300 Programmer’s Manual

Page 27 ribbons have resin black eltron p300 by varnish pan- els, both limited to monochrome data. Memory Figure shows elements involved in image data flow. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. A – 60mil 1. The printer feeds a card if a eltron p300 is not loaded and magnetically writes data to the selected ISO track.

If only one color image buffer exists, the command eltron p300 the buffer differently according to the buffer specifica- tion parameter in the command. If the need for a resin-panel-generated gray scale should ever be- come necessary, host software must generate multiple-dot pixel matrixes eltron p300 with the P3xx Mono- chrome.

Laminators serve as heat-transfer devices for mate- rial or panels contained on Laminator Ribbons. C abcoffice Accessories available for P Printers appear eltron p300. Note that for user safety, a card-flip requires a closed cover. While not being designed around a master-slave arrangement, Module 2 commands can neverthe- less be sent to Module 1. Zebra technologies user’s manual printer pc, pf 46 pages. Overlay Varnish Environmental Rev. C abcoffice A cleaning eltron p300 the Cleaning Cards usually suf- fices.