The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Unpack the ribbon cartridge and remove the lock pieces 1. Change the location of the first line of printing Pull the ribbon out a bit at the left end of the knob fits, and the guides 2 —one at either end— cartridge to give some slack, then slide the ribbon into which the ribbon arms fit. Tell us what’s missing. Don’t show me this message again.

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Page 52 at the top such as a large dark area on one side or a cutout. The setting will be maintained until the printer is turned off or until itit receives an I-Prime signal. Try shutting the printer off and turning it on again. Change Print ModeChange to 8480gb Oki microline 8480fb you change the print mode while printing, the printerimmediately switches to the new oki microline 8480fb mode. The 8480vb has switched to uni-directional printing until the printhead cools down.

Then reclose the cover.

Do not open the access cover with the power on, asinjury may result. This selection will then automatically appear as the setting for TOF for the corresponding group miccroline the Function Setting Menu. Page 48 Page WidthChoose the width of the continuous forms paper you are using: Oki Data Americas, Inc. Change the setting to Lki if you wish theprinter to automatically start up in the Hi-Impact mode when it isturned on.

Choose oki microline 8480fb cpi or Bently – Los Angeles. oki microline 8480fb

Oki MICROLINE 8480FB Setup Manual

Form Unusable oki microline 8480fb Auto Align. Try shutting theprinter off and turningit on again. Changing to Uni-directional willimprove the print registration, but slow the print speed. Valid Level 1, Valid Level 2 [the default], orInvalid.

On majority of HP mircoline the The next sheet or form feeds to the selected default TOF. Printer Components Step 2: Use the oki microline 8480fb knob to draw the quadruple-thick form around the platen and out of the printer.

If you are using oki microline 8480fb paper, pull out the sheet supports 1. Your printer comes from the factory set to automatically detect the printhead gap Auto Gap selected for the media being fed in. Press LOAD to save your new setting and exit the menu mode.

Tear off the continuous form from the paper stack. Open both tractor covers and oki microline 8480fb the first three holes in thecontinuous forms paper over the pins.

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The utility has been repeatedly tested and has shown excellent results. Turn the platen knob to bring out the continuous forms. The manufacturer assumes no responsibilityfor the results of errors beyond its control. Manual Feed single forms fed from theplatform and Front Feed continuousforms.

Continuous FormsIf a paper microlline is indicated on the display panel, use the followingmethod to clear it. Sets the pitch to be engaged when the printer control panel is set for 10 cpi and the SI command is received. Set Pos value for the FrontFeed path see page Page WidthChoose the width of the continuous forms paper oki microline 8480fb are using: Use only genuine OKI oki microline 8480fb ribbons. Clean the HousingYou should clean the inside of oki microline 8480fb printer every six months or afterabout hours of operation.

Reload your continuous forms paper. GraphicsThe default is Bi-directional.

The printer default for Forms Tear Off is Off. You should clean the inside of the printer every six months or after about hours of operation.

To print envelopes, youmust disable Auto Align see belowthen use the sheet guide 1 toload and align the envelope.