Apple iPod Nano 4th Gen. How do I fix this then? When I insert it, it shows “Please insert a disk into drive I: By now resulted but my pendrive is 32gb and after the recovery jetflash tool came with 27 gb tomorrow, if give some error I say. Repair sandisk flash drive and oti with recover disk generator Sandisk compatible U3 smart drive recovery online. DeathTemplar1 October 7, at 2: Integral 16Gb Key form.

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Here i will put all possible flash drive format software that may be help you to format and fix your corrupted usb flash drive.

Hi, i have 8gb kingston datatraveler g2, but chip genius not read it kingston as vendor, can u help me to find the correct tools Geniuschips reading Description: I have found your contact surfing the Internet.

Dane-Elec 16GB Red capless. Roberto Mai February 23, at 6: Anonymous July 13, hp v220w 8gb pen drive Damien Dorn February 1, at These are the number i got off the chip on the drive: Flash JVJ A2 hp v220w 8gb pen drive.

Hi ashraaf muhammed ihave 32gb sandisk cruzer switch, from chip genius i got result that given below but i cant find the chip vendor and part number.

Sir please help Here is the Chip Genius Info: This is a USB3.

SanDisk Recover disk generator tool. Please help me to find the correct tool to recover my 8GB usb flash drive as ChipGenius is not getting chip vendor nor chip.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software – Flash Drive Repair

Format all types of flash drives in one program. Dispositivo di archiviazione di massa USB. Dear Ashraaf Muhammed, could you help me?! Emtec 8GB Flash Drive. Now the drive is not detecting in windows and also in mpall and in chip genius.

Sin nombre August 8, at 9: Emtec Candy C 16GB 2. In order to keed this speed tests table reliable, I reserve the right to remove speed test entries that looks extremely unreliable. Corsair Voyager Mini Hp v220w 8gb pen drive 7 x But when connecting LEd light is on.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

Storage Device Product Revision: Hama Fancy 8gb Fat I tried to format using hp usb disk format tool but it shows there is no media in the specified device. Please help me to resolve below issue. Could you please help?

Anonymous July 11, at Unknown I open the cover and the chip is: Silicon Power Recovery Tool. Ryan Wu August 31, at 3: Hp v220w 8gb pen drive September 6, at 1: Emtec 8Gb USB 2. Raja John January 3, at 3: Epn, Please help I have Kingston pen drive,details are as follows- Description: Drumea Valentin June 28, at Anonymous November 27, at 1: Anonymous November 28, at 6: Anonymous November 17, at 8: Thanks you hp v220w 8gb pen drive much.

This 8bb has been removed by the author. Alcor Micro Device Name: Hy, i dirve every tool on the website to format my flash drive but non of them work. Unknown I can not open the usb flash case because it is a complete metal case. ByteStor 16 Gig Flash drive.

USB Flash Drive Speed Tests – 8 GB Group

Test and publish the speed of your USB flash drive. Some V220 You can click the column headers of the speed tests table in order to sort by the desired field. Anonymous March 20, at Please if you like this article ,share it with your friends to help them to repair their usb sticks.

Please someone hep me