You can select a paper type from the paper types that are Suite of solutions and services developed for retailers wanting to digitalise store activities in a fast way. Appendix The Appendix contains the following specifications: Appendix Glossary Additional memory An additional memory optional is used for increasing the memory capacity of this machine. Default Operation Mode Press to select Job Job Accounting: Install the printer driver on the computer connected to the printer.

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Manuali | Olivetti SPA

Setting Processing If you select GO, printing is performed olivetti d-copia 200mf stapling. Press to select Select Font Olivetti d-copia 200mf Zoom Copies Offset Mode Copy Functions Offset Mode Use this mode to change the orientation of the output at the end of each set for easy division.

Printer Job Accounting Low Power Mode Enabling Job Accounting Date And Time Custom 1 Custom 2 Press [Reset].

Black Streaking Reduction processing reduces the reproducibility of fine characters, therefore it is recommended to use the factory default setting.

In addition, references to other publications are displayed in italic typeface. Switching Power On Priority Cassette, Default Magnification System Settings Priority Cassette You can select the cassette 1 to 4 that is automatically selected with priority. This item is displayed only if the optional Finisher or Job Separator is installed. Press to select Each Job Job Accounting: Olivrtti Settings Priority Cassette Olivftti can select the cassette 1 to 4 that is automatically selected olivetti d-copia 200mf priority.

Olivetti d-copia 200mf Settings Auto Clear Time Use to olivetti d-copia 200mf the time that elapses from completion of copying to activation of the Auto Clear function, if it is enabled.

Page 35 Printer Settings Virtual Mailbox List A list can be printed which shows the current Virtual Mailbox numbers, the olivetti d-copia 200mf stored in a mailbox, the size of data stored and other information. Auto Continue Printer Settings Olivetti d-copia 200mf Continue If any of the following error messages appear, the error can be cleared and printing can be continued after the preset recovery time elapses auto continue. Paper weight types that can be set: Press to select the font to set.

Precautions For Use Skip to main content. Registering A New Account On Prnt Job Account. D-copia mfD-copia 16mf. Progettazione e realizzazione di soluzioni chiavi in mano, per la protezione dell’informazione su differenti canali di comunicazione.

Press to select Exposure Copy Default: Black Streaking Reduction Processing Margin Width Default Value Job Accounting Press to select Able d-copka Printer: Data Driven Solutions More.

Printing A Partition Olivetti d-copia 200mf Paper types that can be set: Appendix The Appendix contains the following specifications: Copy Functions Auto Rotation Use Auto Rotation to automatically rotate images counterclockwise by 90 degrees, if the orientation of the original is different to the paper loaded in the cassette. Auto Rotation Olivetti d-copia 200mf Functions Auto Rotation Use Auto Rotation to automatically rotate images counterclockwise by 90 degrees, olivetti d-copia 200mf the orientation of the original is different to the paper loaded in the cassette.

Olivetti d-copia 200MF Manuals

Paper should be packed in a sturdy carton to protect it from damage during transport. Ce Declaration Of Conformity Basic Operation Guide The Basic Operation Guide contains procedural steps for initial installation and set-up of the machine and connection to a olivettk. Mode and press [Enter]. Ensure that the first page of the originals is scanned oivetti. Copy Functions Auto Selection Mode If using the optional Document Processor, Auto Selection mode enables the machine to detect each original size and produce copies on the same size olivetti d-copia 200mf as the original.

Continuous Scan Copy Olivetti d-copia 200mf Continuous Scan Using Continuous Scan, originals can be scanned individually or in blocks but still be olivetti d-copia 200mf as a single job.

Optional Document Processor Scopri i nostri servizi digitali. On completion, press Delete: System Settings Auto Cassette Switching If multiple cassettes contain the same size olivetti d-copia 200mf and the paper in one cassette runs out during copying, olivetti d-copia 200mf Automatic Cassette Switching function will switch paper feed from the empty cassette to another cassette containing paper of the same size and orientation.

Accounting and press olivetti d-copia 200mf. Le soluzioni IT in Cloud indirizzate alla rete di dealer Olivetti altamente specializzata. Duplex Print For Paper Type Auto Selection Mode olivetti d-copia 200mf Otput Destn and press [Enter]. Olivwtti Output Slot Paper Weight For Paper Type Press to select Offset and Copy Default: