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You can choose to turn on only your phone while in bedside mode, so that phone calls are the only notifications that you receive. Turn On Encryption Import a certificate from your computer Do one of the following: TTY support is designed to allow your device to connect with an external TTY device that blackberry 9780 manual pdf download received calls to text. To open the Voice Control app, press and hold the Mute key on the right side of your BlackBerry device.

Type a web address or search term into the address bar at the bottom of the BlackBerry Browser.

When you add an Evernote account to your device, your Evernote notebooks are available in BlackBerry Remember. You can peek at your notification icons by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen from anywhere on the device.

BlackBerry Z30 User Manual

The timed delay allows you to get ready for the picture and even get into the shot yourself. In the Videos app, touch and hold the video that you want to use.

Settings Menus Device Monitor To help you track your data usage, the Device Monitor screen lets you see the total amount of data used blackberry 9780 manual pdf download your BlackBerry device, including data usage while roaming, and the total amount of data used by the apps on your device. BlackBerry Q5 User Manual pages.

Shooting Modes User Guide Media Change the capture settings You can blackberry 9780 manual pdf download the scene mode, the shooting mode, choose whether you use your flash, switch between the front camera downloas back camera, and more. Create A Playlist In the Music app, on the Playlists screen, you can create and listen to your own playlists or play the collections of songs that your BlackBerry device gathers for you.

It’s important to use the same BlackBerry ID that you used on your previous device, since many of your apps and settings are associated with your BlackBerry ID.

Editing Videos Editing videos Using the video editor on your BlackBerry device to edit and improve the videos that you record. Search for a contact Like other apps on your BlackBerry device, the Contacts app has a search feature that lets you quickly find the contact that you’re looking for.

This should help you conserve battery power. Page Contact views When you tap a contact, your BlackBerry device shows you lots of details about the contact. Security settings You can set and change the security settings for applications on your BlackBerry device, and set up parental controls to restrict or limit access to features and content. blackberry 9780 manual pdf download

Page When bedside mode is turned on, you will not be notified of new messages, but any alarms blackberry 9780 manual pdf download you have set will sound and your BlackBerry device displays the time, dimly lit. Charge your BlackBerry device and try again. Playlists screen Create and edit your own playlists and listen to collections of songs that were automatically gathered for you by your BlackBerry device.

If a file is not pinned, it is not available when you’re offline. Battery Saving Mode lets you set options to conserve battery power. On the BlackBerry Protect blackberry 9780 manual pdf download, you can view the current location of your device on a map, make it ring even if it’s in silent modeor display a custom message on your locked device to provide instructions about how to contact you.


Internet tethering allows you to share your BlackBerry device’s connection to the mobile network with one other device, such as a laptop or tablet, so that you can access the Internet on your other device anywhere that your BlackBerry blackberry 9780 manual pdf download can connect to the mobile network. When you change back to the left-to-right language, you need to move your cursor back to the right side of the text.

I can’t turn on the flash or use the video light Try the blackberry 9780 manual pdf download mxnual Rename a contact group In the Contacts app, tap a contact group. Camera Blackherry can use the Camera on your device to take high-quality pictures and videos, and to capture that perfect moment, even in adverse conditions.

A second method is to press and hold the primary character. Sort files and folders You can view your files and folders in order by name, date, type or size. Touch and hold a contact. Page 80 All of blackberry 9780 manual pdf download email, text messages, social networking notifications, missed calls, and voice mail messages can be found in the BlackBerry Hub. Remember A productivity app for collecting and categorizing the information you want to remember.

Enter the Summer Games of ! On the home screen of your BlackBerry device, touch and hold an app icon until the icons begin to blink. When the item starts to pulsate, slide your finger to where you want the item to be.

Blackberry Z10 User Manual

You can easily convert units of measurement and quickly get back to what you were doing. To avoid possible damage to blacoberry device, do not insert a SIM card adapter into your device. Downloading and installing Blackberry 9780 manual pdf download apps from the Amazon Appstore Create an Amazon account or sign in with your existing Amazon account to search for apps and download apps from the Amazon Appstore.

Wait a moment and then try again. Do one of the following: Enter the username, activation password, and server address for your account.

In the BlackBerry World storefront, you can check if your old apps are available for download on the My World screen or find new apps. If you don’t complete a task, the device automatically exits the mode, and vibrates briefly to notify you. Add a new search engine You can add blackberry 9780 manual pdf download engines so that they are available in the drop-down list when you search for a term in the BlackBerry Browser.