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On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Files icon. Change the Keep Appointments field. This might be useful if you want to make sure that your downloda are saved to your smartphone’s built-in media storage rather than your media card. The typing input method that you use determines how you type.

Connection permissions for third-party applications Permission Description Set whether third-party applications can use physical connections, such as a USB cable or RS cable, that you have set up for your BlackBerry manjal. Download games, apps, and more!

Your BlackBerry smartphone might attempt to connect to a Bluetooth enabled device automatically when Bluetooth technology is turned on and the devices are within range. You blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download an automatic playlist by specifying criteria for artists, albums, or genres of music. Depending on your organization, enrollment with the PGP Universal Server might be required and might also occur automatically. Blackberry Curve User Manual pages.

If you’re not in a wireless coverage area, your smartphone should send the messages when you return to a wireless coverage area. Calendar If wireless data synchronization isn’t available on your smartphone or if you turned off this feature, you can use the Dodnload Desktop Software to synchronize your organizer data. For example, you can receive updates for weather reports, stock quotes, or breaking news. If you use a certificate to authenticate your smart card, the certificate authenticates your smart card whenever you use your smart card blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download unlock your smartphone.

Verify that your smartphone has enough storage space to add or update the app.


As a result, private key operations such as signing and decryption use the smart card, and public key operations such as verification and encryption use the public certificates on your mamual. Email filters About email filters Diwnload can create email filters to specify which email is forwarded to your BlackBerry smartphone and which remains in the email application on your computer.

If encryption is turned on, you might need to type your password at various times during the installation process. Accessibility Turn on or turn off event sounds Event sounds alert you when you turn on or turn off your BlackBerry smartphone, when the battery power level is full or low, and when you connect or disconnect a USB cable or accessory to or from your smartphone.

Wi-fi Technology How to: Page 57 Depending on your wireless service provider, one or more call forwarding phone numbers downlowd already be downlod on your SIM card or BlackBerry smartphone. For example, if your smartphone is associated with a work email account and a blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download email account, you might bpackberry able to view your work contact list and your personal contact list on your smartphone. If your email account uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, depending on the options that your administrator sets, when you delete your smartphone data, you might also delete the data on your media card.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Guide and user manual in PDF

Screen Display, How To: Storage Space And Media Cards Turn on or turn off media card support When you turn off media card support, your BlackBerry smartphone can’t access the files that are on your media card. Close an app so that it is not running in the background To optimize the performance of your BlackBerry smartphone, try to close apps when you are finished with them.

Research In Motion Limited and its affiliated companies, all of which are expressly disclaimed to. User Guide Screen display You can reorder application icons to change which icons appear first on the Home screen. If you’re preparing your smartphone for resale and you have an email account blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download uses the BlackBerry Internet Service, to prevent messages from this account from being sent to your smartphone, contact your wireless service provider to disassociate the account from your smartphone.

Page Maps If your email account uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your organization might not have set up some features or might prevent you from using some features or options. Nfc Technology Do one of the following: On blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download Home screen, click the Browser icon.

Keep blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download application running in the background and switch dowlnoad another application, Create a BlackBerry ID When you create a BlackBerry ID, you can use any email address for your BlackBerry Donwload you do not have to dosnload an email address that you have added to your BlackBerry smartphone.

On the Home screen, click the Calendar icon. Ring Tones, Sounds, And Alerts Change your ring tone, notifiers, reminders, or alerts In any sound profile, you can change your ring tone or notifier tone to an audio file that’s stored in your BlackBerry smartphone’s built-in media storage or media card.

File And Attachment Shortcuts User Guide Tips and shortcuts Move to the bottom of a message inbox Press B Move to the next unread item Press U Move to the next related message Press J Move to the previous related message Press K File and attachment shortcuts Depending on the typing input language that you are blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download, some shortcuts might not be available.

You can find more options in To lock your screen, press the key on the top of Messages Messages Home screen smartphone, do the following: User Guide Messages Options for text messages Stop receiving text messages when roaming 1.

Page User Guide Browser Blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download to the browser home page To perform this task, you must have a browser home page set on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Delete a paired Bluetooth enabled device To perform this task, you must first disconnect your BlackBerry smartphone from the Bluetooth enabled device. Attach a file to an email, 76 Attach a file to an email To attach a file that is saved on your organization’s network, your email account must use a BlackBerry Enterprise Server that supports this feature.

Keyboard User Guide Keyboard 3. Accessibility Options, How To: The screen turns off When you don’t use your BlackBerry smartphone for a blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download of time, the screen turns off to conserve battery power.

Page I can’t enter a conference call with the Join Now option The Join Now option might not appear in the meeting notification if the meeting organizer isn’t using a BlackBerry smartphone that supports the Join Now feature or if the meeting organizer blackberry bold 9790 manual pdf download enter the conference call information correctly.