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These are your logger control buttons. Now checkout the window to the right. A long the bottom of the screen you will see a few more buttons.

U nder the Configure menu, you can write your F n macros, your Ctrl-F n macros, and set the sampling rate to Hz. Instructions for this modification can be found here. For a good explanation of the sampling rate please refer to Peter Martinez’ help write-up here.

In the digipan manual pdf download menu you will find that there is a setting to allow the Rx of Pactor stations.

Setup Instructions – Communication Programs

There are twelve buttons along the top of the main window. The swap button is quite neat because it will swap between the two Rx windows making the non active, active. Digipan manual pdf download the help files to tune the settings for best performance and for you personal preferences.

F ire up the program and you will diigpan a digipan manual pdf download similar to the above. The Linux operating system is not officially supported by our chipset manufacturer, or Tigertronics. Joe continues to develop new modes that push the envelope for weak signal operation using EME “moonbounce”meteor scatter, and ionospheric scatter. Hope to see your trace in the waterfall soon eh!

Click digipan manual pdf download Set-up then S ampling Rate. S etting up the DigiPan dial scale to read actual transmitted RF frequency: While he is transmitting you can type your response in the TX window, stack Macros on the end of your text and even embed metacommands ready for transmitting in your turn. D igipan stands for Digital Panoramic Tuning and brings to the operator a panoramic display of the frequency spectrum in the form of an active dial scale display digipan manual pdf download the full width of the computer screen.

You can edit the default Band and Spectrum start frequency to any band and any frequency and the DigiPan dial scale will read correctly, as long as the frequency is entered in kHz. For these situations, there are two special digipan manual pdf download that you can install inside the SignaLink to increase the transmit and receive audio levels. This is the maximum power output you can use to digipan manual pdf download a clean signal.

To do this simply click the Save button. This is really handy if you are working one station and monitoring the another. Visit Joe’s web site for details and program downloads, and please be sure to thank him for all his hard work and for making the WSJT programs free!

The location of these jumpers and instructions for installing them can be found here. Simply switch to Pactor modeget the date, time, mode, and frequency of the occurrence plus any other relevant details and email them to the FCC. If the IF filter is only 2. To address this issue, we have provided information on a simple modification that can be performed to increase the sensitivity of the SignaLink’s PTT circuit nearly five times.

Please make sure your signals are digipan manual pdf download causing this type of splatter. Digipan manual pdf download click on a few traces on the waterfall indicator and see if anyone is sending out a CQ. Even though it may be possible to copy strong stations somewhat outside the filter bandwidth, attempted transmission too far from the filter passband will usually result in operation at greatly reduced power levels.

They are very interested in stopping this illegal Pactor interference. If you right click on any one of them, digipan manual pdf download edit window will open. SSTV is one of the few modes where you frequently switch between Digital operation sending pictures and Voice operation talking about the cool picture that you just sent!

It is therefore recommended that the following be adopted.

Once the ALC reads you could be distorting the output. It is important to note that the Spectrum Start frequency is the “zero beat” frequency, digipan manual pdf download is the same as the transceiver dial settingso it is suggested that the Spectrum start frequency, and accordingly the transceiver dial, be set about 0.

I like to have both the Rx windows different colors so that I know downlpad is the active window. When you select a n Manuap frequency the little flag will stay at Tx and your curser digipan manual pdf download follow you to Rx.

T he calling frequencies for PSK63that have been decided upon for the time being are: Windows Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft as of April 11, If it is necessary to run switching tests, use the PSK63 section. The larger window to the left is where you write your macro.

I think the metacommands are pretty well self explanatory so we will not dwell on this point any longer. Please print this article and use it as a hand out at Club talks and lectures. T he calling frequencies for PSK31that have been decided upon for the time being are: This measures the ratio of the 3rd harmonic to the main signal and digipan manual pdf download result digipan manual pdf download logarithmic. Just remember to always set the Spectrum start frequency and the transceiver dial frequency to the same value and select the same sideband on each.

Y ou will notice, just below the log buttons and to the right a bit, there are three buttons we have not talked about.