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His car, which cost nearly 20, pounds, is broken. Their garden is near here. We use the pronouns with prepositions as follows.

Exercise 5 replace who which with that if possible Exercise 6 use commas if necessary Exercise 7 leave out that, who, which, whom if possible Exercise 8 complete sentences with who which whose and use commas if necessary PDF exercises worksheets: The subjects are the student and you.

Defining relative clauses exercises pdf download for persons The man who called you has just arrived. I gave the letter to James, who sent it to London.

Pam, whose children go to school, is not so busy. Their garden, which is near here, looks beautiful. This sentence does not make any sense. Relative clauses PDF exercises – a printable test defijing download for free. Compare the following sentences. In spoken English we prefer less formal structures. Can you see the tree that has no leaves?

Relative Clauses Exercise 1

In spoken English we make doanload in sentences instead of commas. In informal English we use who instead of whom. The man I met Only the pasengers wearing the seatbelts. What you can find on this page: If we leave out the subject, it will not be clear what we mean.

The only effect is that there is less information in the sentences.

defining & non-defining exercises with 01 | Languages

That for persons and things Are you the boy that lives next door? Their function is different, but the rules are the same as with the non-defining clauses. The driver who took you to school is from York. We do not write them with commas.

Sam, who I know quite well, would be a good husband. Printable Grammar rules PDF to download for free. My father, who is 65 now, still rxercises. Relative pronouns with prepositions Definnig use the pronouns with prepositions as follows.

If we leave them out My father still works. The students who did all the exercises succeeded. The man that I met The man from whom I got it Defining relative clauses specify a noun or pronoun in the main clause and are necessary if we want to understand the meaning of a sentence.

The last sentence is not very common in spoken English as it is quite formal. Remember We defining relative clauses exercises pdf download definint the defining clauses with commas, because they change the meaning of a sentence. They must be written with commas.

Only the students doing all the exercises. She passed me the salt, which fell on the floor. Who vs whom Whom is the object of a verb. The subjects are the bike and she. The man whom I met yesterday