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Often you’re dealing with the fact that the person is not only far away but might be of a different culture as well. Even great managers face unprecedented challenges in an economic climate characterized by constant innovation, chaos and general unpredictability.

People Want More Than a Formal, Authority-Based Relationship with the Boss Many managers—especially those imperafives were achievement-driven stars as individual performers—don’t even think about relationships. Ook de tips zijn concreet en in de praktijk goed toepasbaar. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does!

Becomng find circumstances have changed, invalidating your directions and forcing them to improvise.

Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader by Linda A. Hill

Book Excerpt From being The Boss: So you have to actively inquire more than you would with a face-to-face interaction. The book reads a little dull, but after hearing the author in person, gave it a lot more life. Praktisch boek, geeft voor verschillende onderdelen vragenlijsten.

All of these reasons create a workplace in which authority is at best an uncertain means of influence. There are really bad bosses, and you can’t be naive or cynical about this. However I found a lack of narrative to the book; a lack of a compelling theme that pulled the myriad of information together. And more importantly, throughout the book the authors remind the reader I just wish I had found this book a lot earlier, say a decade back when I first started my career.

Good and basic book about management. I think that this book was able to give very tangible and concrete examples of how to improve ones management abilities.

Many managers—especially those who were achievement-driven stars as individual performers—don’t even think about relationships.

Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader

Meer info over de recensie? Do people trust you? They’re so task oriented that they put the work to be done and their authority as boss at the heart of what they do and assume they can ignore the human aspects of working with others. Often leadership dipasears and only work is managed by the boss, which is a waste of time for both imperatlves.

Jan 18, Stephen rated it it was amazing. Hill and business writer Kent Lineback offer a lucid blend of cogent theory and practical strategies.

Return to Book Page. Fear is a limited, ultimately corrosive and demeaning way to get what you want from others. When I teach executives, we talk about how you give feedback virtually to people you’ll never see in person—giving performance appraisals to people you never see and understanding the complexities of that, and understanding the limitations of e-mail and telephone calls.

Since then, she has found that the now-classic book is popular not just among newbies but also among being the boss the 3 imperatives for becoming a great leader pdf download with decades of experience.

Being The Boss The 3 Imperatives For Becoming A Great Leader

Whereas, you might tell someone down the hall that you’ll get something to him by 5 o’clock next Thursday, but when the deadline approaches [and you haven’t completed it], you can go [to his office] and say, “You know this other thing is happening, can I get it to you tomorrow? I read this as part of a free class on leadership. They want you to encourage their growth and development. Due to technological advances and globalization, more and more managers find themselves leading, collaborating with, and reporting to colleagues in remote offices—people they rarely if ever see in person.

You have to be right all the time. Your book discusses three imperatives for becoming a great leader: Wisdom Chitedze Head of Internal Audit.

Being the Boss

We becomibg talk about preparing for the future—that managing isn’t all about today, it’s also about managing your team for tomorrow. Remember change starts w you, not without! Refresh and try again. Not a lot of new information for someone who has experience managing. I play nice with others with a specific goal in mind, but the idea of reaching out for the sake o This book is very straight-forward and practical, with concrete advice on how to be a better manager.

Nov 08, David Swart rated it really liked it.

At worst, they become terrible bosses. What are some of the issues inherent in each of them? They suggest to map and rate the strength of your networks and then actively work to develop those that are weak. Dec 10, Alissa rated it really liked it Shelves: You include a chapter called “Don’t Forget Your Boss.

I highly recommend this book to anyone remotely considering it or currently in the deep end now. We all know, because we’ve experienced it, how fast conflict can escalate with e-mail because the nonverbals are not there. The problem is that most people don’t want your authority to be the be-all lwader end-all of the relationship. Why I finished it: