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The key can be re- moved only at this position. Pull the end of the belt to stretch folding up rear seats removing rear seats the net securely. Countless reasons to join.

Page 91 Have your vehicle checked your Key reminder Remove key. In this case, your vehicle may to prepare the vehicle for re—testing. These limits are ” Toyota dealer as soon as possible to Connect the equipment into an outlet designed to provide reasonable protec- avoid the possibility of theft, or an mnual Raise up the cover.

In front of the vehicle, pull up the 3.

Page Toyota dealer comes on. This section gives instructions only for those items that are relatively easy for an owner to perform.

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The sun shade can be opened or closed ” by hand. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page If the towing vehicle can hardly move, do not forcibly continue the If the engine is not running, the pow- towing. Widen the clearance between for the child restraint system, be seat cushion and seatback a little sure that there ownners no irregular ob- and confirm the position of the low- jects around the anchorages or that er anchorages below the tag in the The anchorages are installed in the clear- ance between the seat cushion and seat- back of both outside rear seats.

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Simple instructions for how to per- or if you prefer, your Toyota dealer will be dating this warranty. Page This may Correct replacement wheels are available When driving with chains installed, damage the drive system.

The meter If parking brake Take vehicle to display changes in the order from the is off, stop Toyota dealer.

Contact your lock brake system works properly, the Toyota dealer as soon as possible to light turns off after a few seconds. Page Parts if level is low: Instrument panel light, Failure to properly match the buckle and tab may cause severe injury in case of an accident or a collision. Guides CAUTION Make sure flat tire and spare tire cov- er are securely in place in their stor- age location to reduce the possibility of personal injury during a collision After making sure that no one is in jack points.

Some information may not pertain to your sys- tem. Sudden accelera- Always observe the following precau- prevent the closure of areas to off—road tion or engine braking, could cause Page km miles. To prevent the vehicle from being damaged, observe following.

If the indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible. Page A lights without pooled inside light, contact your they are hot. Toyota dealer as soon as Even if you lose only one key, contact possible to avoid the possibility of theft or your Toyota dealer to make a new key. Toyota strongly recommends that: In consultation with them, have —From front Contact your Toyota dealer er assist for the brakes and steering or a commercial tow truck service will not work so steering and braking for assistance.

It is used in registering the ownership of your vehicle.

Toyota Rav4 Owners Manual

Community Ask An Owner Events. Additional Resources To view or download additional manuals that take you down to the nuts and bolts of most Toyota models from and beyond, you may subscribe to our Technical Information System TIS at www.

Run the lap and shoulder belt through ” ” Do not install a rear—facing child When installing a child restraint or around the infant seat following the restraint system on the rear seat if system on the rear center position, instructions provided by its manufactur- it interferes with the lock mecha To help prevent gas station mix—ups, your to the future economy and long life of Toyota has a smaller fuel tank opening.

Page Read separate Toyota Warranty statement for details and suggestions. Uniform tire quality grading. Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from To randomly play the tracks on a disc: Wiper and washer switches 6.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: To view or download additional manuals that take you down to the nuts and bolts of most Toyota models from and beyond, you may subscribe to our Technical Information System TIS at www. Fill the brake fluid to the dotted Open line.

Check the air pressure ownera the re- placed tire.

Full spare tire cover—Unhook the latch handle which is on the bottom of the cov- er. Remove the filter case from the filter 3. Page 54 Toyota strongly recommends that all in- fants and children be placed in the rear seat of the vehicle and proper- ly restrained. Fail- ure to do so could reduce the amount of protection in an accident and cause serious injuries in a col