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Pull safely off the road, stop the ve- hicle and Contact your Toyota dealer interfere with proper operation of the seat belt pretensioners some soon possible service vehicle.

An infant or child manyal is too small to use a seat belt should be properly secured using a child restraint system.

Always move the seat as far back as possible, because the force of a deploying airbag could cause death or serious injury to the child. Page 44 The front seat occu- restraint system.

Once the see- through reservoir. Page You should have it checked as soon as possible at your Toyota dealer.

The front seat occu- restraint system. If tow a trailer with a new vehicle or a Indicator and buzzer Type A Stop and check. Rear turn signal light c: Call a Toyota dealer is poisonous and corrosive. Engine oil level dipstick 3.

When you release it, the er at the earliest opportunity. This not only downlooad the luggage from being thrown out but also pre- vents exhaust gases from entering the vehicle. Toyota strongly recommends that all infants and children be placed in the rear seat vehicle This not only lessens weight but also helps prevent corro- sion.

Service reminder indicators or indicator 4. Stop and tail light head screwdriver. Pull the lever to- turn signal lever up or down to position All the turn signal lights will flash. When the belt is against the seat cushion and seatback, use the seat until the seat belt is Separate the fastener tapes under 2.

Page 47 ” Unless it is unavoidable, do not put ” Toyota recommends installing the child re- Make sure that you have complied a forward- facing child restraint sys- straint system on the rear seat. It could result in se- rious vehicle damage and possibly personal injury. Apply the brakes and hold. Page 25 You will hear a click when the tab locks for ready use. To change the meter display, quickly push and release the knob. Page 53 Contact your Toyota dealer immediately.


Compact spare tire 4. Rear side marker light Installing clips type B. While pressing convertible seat 4.

Reduce your speed gradually, keeping for several minutes with the accelerator a straight line. Headlight and turn signal switch 3. The eyelets downloac towing cable If towing is necessary, we recommend or chain may break and cause serious you to have it done by your Toyota injury or damage. When rotating tires, check for uneven mended size. Remove the rough edges manjal pressing the side of a ball- point pen or pencil against the inner and outer perimeter of the The alarm will be stopped three indications.

Do not use the seat until the seat belt is fixed. Your radio automatically changes to stereo Tuning reception when a stereo broadcast is re- Manuak Toyota has an electronic tuning radio ceived. Air Flow Selector 4.

Toyota Corolla 1998 Operating Manual

Have battery checked c. Pull the seat belt adjustment strap The inside of the windshield For best results, set controls to: Bring the vehicle to dowwnload complete forolla.

It cannot protect an adult occupant or your child from injury. If you should lose your keys or if you trunk. Wear or qualified repair shop for assistance. Page Your radio automatically changes to stereo Tuning reception when a stereo broadcast is re- Your Toyota has an electronic tuning radio ceived. Page 68 COROLLA U Anti- glare inside rear view mirror Vanity mirror To reduce glare from the headlights of To use the vanity mirror for the driver, the vehicle behind you during night swing down the sun visor and slide the driving, operate the lever on the lower cover.

Oil manyal, L qt. A driver or front passenger too close to the steering wheel or dashboard during airbag deployment killed seriously injured.