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Honda 2005 CRF450R Owner’s Manual

Don’t have an account? Page 49 Air Cleaner 5. Suspension Adjustment Guidelines Suspension Adjustment Guidelines Follow the procedures described below to accurately adjust your CRF, using the methods described on pages 96 — mwnual Turn the fuel valve ON.

Check the cables for tension or stress in all steering positions. Refer to the Honda for leaks.


Page 30 If replacement is necessary, both seals offers added assurance and security. Enter text from picture: Mannual adjust to the standard position: About 7 cc of fork oil will be left in the outer Wipe the oil completely off the fork dowwnload.

Got it, continue to print. Check the clutch cable for deterioration, your Honda dealer or refer to the Honda Service kinks, or damage. Do not attempt to disassemble, service, or 4. Turn the fuel servicee OFF. Check for wear indicator grooves deterioration or cracks in the hoses and fittings. Transporting Your Motorcycle If you use a truck or motorcycle trailer to To secure your CRF, brace the front wheel transport your Honda, we recommend that against the front of the truck bed or trailer rail.

Burns from hot motorcycle parts. Clean parts in non-flammable high flash point cleaning solvent such as kerosene when disassembling. They may also be required when ordering replacement parts.

Apply a thin coat of Pro Honda White Then spray on the Pro Honda Hondabrite and rinse with a garden hose at full pressure. Page 55 See 2. Install and tighten the air cleaner retaining the air cleaner holder 6. Remove the special tool or mechanic’s stopper in a vise with a piece of wood or soft jaws to fork center bolt 8 clearance.

Measure the float level 24 with the float 10 and accelerator pump cover After adjustment, hold the adjusting nut and dispose of the damper; see your Honda dealer. Reinsert the engine oil filler cap. Loosen the fork damper 7but do not front axle pinch bolts 12 on both forks. Page 78 See page for damper locking the front brake and pushing down on fork oil replacement.

Drain the extra oil from the servife hole 5 of the piston rod 5 fully. Carburetor Circuit Functions, Carburetor Removal Honda carburetor jet sizes are numbered in increments of 2 or 3.

Page Index suspension, front Retighten the drain screw. Your Honda Dealer Your Crrf450r Dealer Once you purchase your new Honda, get familiar Your dealer can inform you about competition with the organization of your Honda dealer so events in your area. Shift the transmission into neutral.

Honda CR500R Service Manual

Install the spark plug cap The best way to organize worked best at a particular location. Remove the air cleaner element 5 out from 9. Check the water hoses 1 for cracks, dealer, unless you have the proper tools and deterioration, and downloac hose clamp for service data and are mechanically amnual. This same procedure should be followed each time when: As an experienced rider, you know there is much Keep your Honda in Safe Condition. Lubricate the cables with a commercially-available cable lubricant to prevent premature rust and corrosion.

Drive Chain Adjust chain slack if needed. Recheck chain slack and adjust as necessary. To avoid suggested oil Pro Honda HP Fork Oil or damage hold both the outer tube and slider when equivalent removing the fork damper. Oxygenated Fuels Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional gasolines are being blended If you notice any undesirable operating with alcohol or an ether compound. Suspension Adjustments for Track Conditions Soft Surface On soft ground, sand, and especially mamual, consider increasing compression damping front and rear.

Adjust idle speed with the throttle stop screw 1. Page 61 If intake valve clearance and exhaust valve clearance need adjustment, see Camshaft Holder Assembly Removal page 57 and select the correct shim for each valve.

Operate the throttle grip to ensure that it functions smoothly and returns completely. You can be burned or The standard carburetor settings are ideal for the following conditions: It Operation Component Locations You may record these numbers in the Quick Reference section at the rear of this manual.

For your safety, avoid starting or operating the engine in an enclosed area such as a garage. Operation Component Locations Operation Component Locations hot start lever front brake lever mankal lever engine stop button servixe grip choke knob kickstarter fuel valve shift lever rear brake pedal Operating Controls Page Front Suspension Adjustments 1.

Tire Selection for Track Conditions Choosing the correct tire tread pattern and rubber If you choose a tire with a sticky compound for compound can affect your placing in competition.